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What is effective altruism? 1

Effective altruism is about answering one simple question: how can we use our resources to help others the most?

Rather than just doing what feels right, we use evidence and careful analysis to find the very best causes to work on.

Working on a cause is likely to be high impact to the extent that it is:

  • Great in scale (it affects many people’s lives, by a great amount)
  • Highly neglected (few other people are working on addressing the problem), and
  • Highly solvable (additional resources will do a great deal to address it).

The Basics

Essential reading

Charity evaluators


Increasingly, donors are choosing to give money to “funds” – organisations which regrant money to the current-best charitable organizations.

Popular charities

Global development Animal welfare Far future & existential risk Community-building
Against Malaria Foundation (AMF)a Animal Equalityb OpenAI Centre for Effective Altruism
GiveDirectlya The Humane Leagueb Future of Humanity Institute LEAN (Local Effective Altruism Network)
Schistosomiasis Control Initiative (SCI)a The Good Food Instituteb MIRI  
Evidence Actiona Mercy for Animals Center for the Study of Existential Risk  
Malaria Consortium Sentience Institute Future of Life Institute  
Helen Keller International Compassion in World Farming USA Global Catastrophic Risk Institute  
Sightsavers Faunalytics ALLFED  
The End Fund Animal Ethics Berkeley Existential Risk Initiative  
  Humane Slaughter Association Center for Human-Compatible AI  

a: recommended by GiveWell
b: recommended by Animal Charity Evaluators

Global health

Animal welfare

Existential risk

Outreach and community-building


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EA Organizations

See also

  • Priority Wiki - a cause prioritization website that anyone can edit
  • EA Blogs - an EA blog aggregator
  • LessWrong - community blog for rationalists
  • Slate Star Codex - a blog about many things, including rationality and effective altruism

[1] Excerpted from the Effective Altruism Handbook, © Centre for Effective Altruism 2018.